My Experience

With twenty-three years of experience in the practice of law, negotiating and drafting business contracts has been a part of my practice from the beginning.  I have drafted a wide range of business agreements, including partnership agreements, corporate bylaws and shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, business acquisitions, real estate purchases, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, settlement and release agreements, stock subscription agreements, and many others.

Protecting My Clients

My most important objective in drafting a business agreement is to protect my client from legal and economic dangers, while using understandable language and not making documents any longer than needed to accomplish their objective.  I find that when my client understands his business agreement, he is much more likely to follow it and take advantage of its protective features.

Promoting Long-Term Business Relationships

I also strive to negotiate and draft business deals in a way that instills confidence in each side that they are being dealt with fairly, and that looks to enhance a business deal to the benefit of all concerned.  Over the years I have found that this approach promotes long-term business relationships that can be very valuable for my clients.

Efficiency and Savings

In addition, due to my background in tax law, I always look for the most tax-efficient way to do a deal.  By knowing how to recognize tax issues in business transactions, I am able to help my clients structure their business deals in more tax-friendly ways, often resulting in significant tax savings.

If you need help negotiating, structuring or implementing a business deal, or simply need help drafting a business contract, give me a call.  I can help.

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