How to Avoid a Tax Audit

Once the IRS decides to do a tax audit on your tax return, you are guilty until proven innocent.  You are required to show clear documentation to support the numbers on your return.  A tax audit can challenge your numbers even if they are accurate, if your records are not complete and well-supported.  It is much harder to prove your innocence in a tax audit than to just avoid being targeted for a tax audit in the first place.

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Installment Agreement

An installment contract is an agreement where payment is made, or performance of services is given over a specified period of time.  There are three kinds of installment agreements; streamlined installment agreements, basic installment agreements, and partial pay installment agreements.

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Tax Myths

Myths abound about income taxes–and how to avoid paying them.  These myths are found in abundance on the internet.   Some are so malicious and so completely unfounded that they appear to be created by the same kinds of people who create computer viruses:  Such people enjoy causing a lot of pain and heartache for others, and they do it just because they can.

Other tax myths are promoted in seminars by salesman who fleece a lot of citizens by telling them what the audience wishes were true–even though none of it is. Believing these tax myths causes unbelievable loss and heartache

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