High Income Tax Returns

I worked for several years in a California Bay Area tax firm specializing in high income tax returns. Drawing on all of this experience and my legal training, I knows all the possible legal strategies for minimizing tax payments, maximizing deductions, and setting up tax planning that will provide maximum tax protection for assets and investments. My tax analysis goes far beyond what many accounting firms provide for high income tax returns.. I often asks questions that have never been asked before, and can find deductions that have never been taken before. If accounting records do not balance or reconcile, I will find out why, and reconcile them. For many of my high income tax return clients, the transition from a tax accounting firm to the Curtis Hoffman tax law services has resulted in savings of hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars in tax deductions and tax planning strategies.

Individual Tax Returns


I have a long history of negotiating with the IRS in behalf of my clients. I also have a long history of taking EVERY POSSIBLE tax deduction that is legal–but only those that are legal. Because of my attention to detail, accuracy and integrity, I have developed a high level of credibility with the IRS. My tax clients are very rarely audited. Those few who have been audited fare very well in the audits.


I am likely to ask you questions you have never been asked. I will often correct mistakes that have never been noticed (protecting you from fines and audits) and I will probably be able to find deductions for you that have never been found or taken.

If your accounting records do not balance or reconcile, I will find out why, and will work with you until they do reconcile.

I know strategies about which less- specialized tax preparers are completely unaware. Many of my clients have saved or recovered a great deal of money when they engaged me as their tax specialist. Sometimes old tax returns have been amended and refiled to recover tax saving from previous years–because returns were done casually by tax preparers with minimal training.


I bill by the hour–not by a set fee. My goal is to save you money, both by reducing your taxes, and by performing my work with the skill, speed and accuracy upon which I have built my reputation. As a result, many of my tax return clients find that I am charging them significantly less than their previous tax accounting firms that were charging a set fee for returns.  And–the returns are now more accurate, and the tax savings greater.



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